Most storage providers do not take the storage for you to carry, fill or ship. Much of the time, you'll need to contract a third party to move it for you, or do all the heavy lifting, storage, packing, and unloading. That's a lot of additional time , money and energy for what's intended to be a quick 'solution' stock.

We have great transport and packing options here at Elite Removalists Brisbane for people with busy lives, who don't own a vehicle or who aren't qualified to do a whole lot of heavy lifting. We come to your address, load your belongings into our moving truck, then transport them to your storage container in one of our own secure storage facilities and unload them safe.

Yeah, our dedicated storage facilities are enclosed, new, well equipped and have 24/7 security monitoring.Even we are sufficiently protected. In our warehouses, you can store virtually anything, until it can rot (e.g. food or live plants), leak, is flammable, dangerous or unlawful.

Affordable pricing

We just charge you for what's stored per cubic meter, so our costs for the same volume of furniture packed are better than equivalent self-storage unit cost.

Secure and safe

Protection is improved by back-to-base warnings, night patrols and background checks on workers.

Flexible Contracts

Place with us for some time span. Our storage comes with no term limit, and a minimum period of one month only.