While any effort is being taken to keep your products secure, it is also important to be mindful that your products can be at risk beyond our reach. Elite Removalists Brisbane advises that our consumers seek extra travel and storage policies to cover the belongings when being shipped or processed by us as well as insuring the household furniture and objects with home and material policies.

Elite Removalists Brisbane is certified and qualified to provide you with moving cover as a proud member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association.You get the advantage of household removals cover with Elite Removalists Brisbane's scheme, specially tailored for the moving and storage industry.

We will protect your home or workplace transfer with Robust Transportation Insurance at a low extra premium on area, country and national transfers so your belongings, household goods and personal possessions are safe.


We provide robust policies on your monthly storage payments on any furniture deposited with us with a low extra premium.

Full Disclosure

Upon initial request, we will supply you with a full Product Disclosure Statement.

Personalised Rates
Insurance premiums differ based on the travel, and 
the size of the moving furniture, objects and consequences.