Make Toowong Removals part of your successful moving to your new home or office destination. Toowong is located between Mount Coot-tha and the Brisbane River. It is a suburb made of rolling hills with little flat land. During the European Settlement most of the land was developed into residential sites saving some park and bush land close to the Western Freeway.

Toowong has two historic hotels which also serve as one of its milking cows: The famous Regatta Hotel and the Royal Exchange Hotel. A historic protest was held in Regatta Hotel when two women chained themselves in 1965 to protest the restriction of women to enter bars. On the other hand, the Royal Exchange Hotel is a known office tower and shopping center at the same tame.

Part of Toowong’s heritage is its Memorial park surrounded with gum trees, football ovals and a phenomenal view of the village. The park was opened in 1918 to pay respect to soldiers and heroes who fought during the First World War.

Exciting nature parks surrounds Toowong such as the Anzac Park which is closely situated at the Western Freeway. Of course, The Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens and the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium are always there to meet you with its beautiful sights and wonders.

Toowong Removals ‘ Moving Tips:

Moving to Toowong may be hard and planning everything for everything is stressful. Gladly, Toowong Removals is always ready to give you a hand. Usually some small details are looked over when moving; hence here are some advice and reminders for you.

  • Don’t forget to tell your neighbors the date of your house moving. You may request them to free the doorway or parking lot to give you wider access for moving.
  •  Make your moving clean and fresh by disposing your things that are no longer used. You can give them away to a charity or go for a garage sale.
  •  Check out the cupboards and make sure it’s emptied. Sometimes books, house decorations, and other important stuff are left in these places.
  •  Fridge/Freezers should be defrosted at least one day before your moving day.
  •  Create a system that you can easily understand for packing and unpacking. You may use color coding, ABC system or just label your boxes. This will make your moving organized.
  •  Your presence is a must during the moving day.  It’s best to take a leave of absence from your work as early as two weeks before the scheduled moving day.
  •  On your first day in your new home, everyone will be so tired to cook and prepare meal. It’s best to include in your plan to order some great food in a nice restaurant. This can also serve as a reward for the back breaking and tiring day.

Toowong Removals has been happily serving Brisbane for the past ten years. The company is family owned and it serves house, commercial or office moving. It is also founded on the principles of honesty, quality and cost effective services.