Elite Thornlands Removals takes away the stress of moving for you. And our rates are incredibly affordable! Thornlands is named after George Thorn of the 1800’s. According to the story, George of Ipswich purchased large spaces of land in the area. George’s son who was also named as George was a Premier of Queensland.

Excitingly, Thornlands and Redland City has plenty of surprising adventures for you. The Redlands district is an accessible and dynamic holiday destination. Redland City lies by the amazing water paradise of Moreton Bay and its islands. The place prides itself with its rich heritage, sparkly beaches, mountain tops and ranges.

Likewise, don’t miss Thornland’s nearby suburbs of Cleveland, Capalaba, Alexandra and Birkdale which offers you excellent places for shopping. The Cleveland Bayside Markets is always alive with local artists and crafts people selling their unique and special products. Also, go for a family picnic at the Victoria and Wellington Point which is a place for wonderful views of the majestic beaches.

By the sea shore, the bayside suburbs of Victoria Point and Wellington Point boast wonderful views of the ocean. There is also a diverse walking track through the bushland with exciting wildlife at dawn and dusk. The Eprapah Environmental Center located at Victoria Point is a place to renew harmonious relationship with nature. Also, nature lovers shouldn’t miss the famous winery, rainforest and the fantastic herb garden and café.

The list of adventures in your new home destination is endless! Call for Elite Thornlands Removals for your successful home removal now.

We know how you feel when you move your home to a new destination. It can be tedious and hard to plan and do everything yourself.

Thornlands Removals Stress-Free Moving Tips:

  • Firstly, being prepared physically and mentally is needed when moving. To prepare you mentally, you have to organize your things with complete spreadsheets or documents to maintain a system of what you should do.
  • Secondly, make sure that your belongings are insured for transit. Most of the time, anything that are packed yourself are not covered by the removal company’s insurance so you must check all these stuff.
  • Thirdly, you may want to get professional cleaners to do an overall cleaning to your new home destination before you move in. This will help in lessening the stress also; it’s good to start clean and fresh in your new place.
  • Fourthly, check your items that are no longer used. You may give these valuables to a charity organization or you can sell them.
  • Finally, according to Elite Thornlands Removals , your inventory spreadsheet of everything moved should be clean and handy. The file can help you and your removal company when you start the inventory of items moved.

With Elite Thornlands Removals, moving is not hard and daunting but rather easy and stress free. The company is a family owned business established in year 2000. Since then, the company has been moving home and offices in Brisbane and its nearby interstates.

Elite Thornlands Removals provides an easy, fun and stress free move. We are available every day to help you with your move.Contact us at 0433265933!