Southbank Removals is your best moving company. When we say best we don’t just talk about it but we walk our talk! We meet your needs in an easy, competent, speedy and without any fuss. Moving takes a lot of stress and involves a lot people. So we are here to help you organize things and handle your confidential files, documents, furniture and equipment with care.

Elite Southbank Removals helps you with your move.

Moving in Southbank is historic! Yes, as everybody knows Southbank will always be linked to the World Expo 88! The famed expo earned Southbank and Australia an identity worthy of respect from people around the world. The expo packaged Southbank so well that it became a tourist destination. Actually Southbank is celebrating its 25th World Expo 88 Anniversary.  It’s very seldom for cities and countries to celebrate events like these but everything is different in South Bank. So if you are moving in the area don’t hesitate to call Southbank Removals.

Other than the World Expo 88, what else makes Southbank so special?  Well, its rare arcade reflects Queensland pristine environment. You can feel the unique cultural experience that was characterized in the food, cafes, boutiques, parks, good people and so many more.

The pink bougainvillea will always put Parklands to life and will always bring you the adventures you crave most.  Actually, it’s not just the beauty of nature that makes Southbank special but the lifestyle and markets too. Schedule your shopping on a Friday night, and the whole day of Saturday and Sunday for an exciting discovery and best buys of South Banks fashion and trendy collections at Southbank Lifestyle Markets.

If you don’t pass by Denim Co, it’s as if you never went to Southbank at all! You have to experience the one stop shop of espresso, tasty food, and fashion. Akuti on the other hand is the best fashion boutique in the area which gives you a taste of Indigo, Alex & Alex among others.

If fashion and food is not enough for a unique experience in Southbank then let’s move deeper and see the Arbour! This is the defining symbol of South Bank, an award winning horticultural wonder of Australia. At daytime, the Arbour colors your world with pink wonderful bougainvillea hanging around. At night a splendid glow of colors awaits to inspire you.

Southbank Removals is more than happy to match the beauty of Southbank with quality service that is meant to satisfy your moving needs.  We save your time and money by planning, identifying and prioritizing your specific needs. Our honest and competitive service is our foundation for serving you for the past several years. It is our joy to make your move fun and stress free.