Reliable Mover Brisbane knows what you might be thinking: “Packing is already a preparation. Now you’re telling us to prepare for that too?” And for that question, I’m responding a crystal clear absolute… YES.

You see, the hardest thing to deal with when moving is packing. It’s time consuming, stressing, and confusing. So it should make sense that you need to prepare for it too. The golden question that Reliable Mover Brisbane will be helping you with is: “HOW?”

Reliable Mover Brisbane Tips for Simplified Packing:

Step 1:  Segregate

  • Segregate or divide your things into necessary portions. I advise you to have four groups for this:
    • Group 1: Things you don’t use and don’t have enough value to keep
    • Group 2: Items you don’t use but are too valuable to be thrown
    • Group 3: Essential items – those that you use everyday and would be the first ones to be unpacked after the move
    • Group 4: Everything else – these would be the items you might not immediately have a use for after moving but is still a part of your house or your life. These items include decorations, some furniture and appliances, files and records, books, etc.

Step 2:  Dispose and Sell

  • Now grab the things from group one and either throw them away, give them to your neighbors or send them to charity. Then gather your group two items then open a garage sale or you can spend more time to look for buyers online.
  • This step would help you lessen the things you will pack, get moved, and unpacked. It will save you time and stress in packing unnecessary things and even help you earn a few bucks to aid you with your move.

Step 3:  List and categorize

  • Now with only the important things left, you should start listing your items. This will help you keep track of your things before and after the move,especially if you plan to hire movers Brisbane.
  • Now, with this list, it would also be easier to categorize your items without having to look at your physical items every now and then. Categorizing your things will now be up to your preference. You can categorize them according to item: books, plates, linens, etc.
  • You can also by-purpose category: work items, kitchen items, school things, etc. Some also use descriptions to categorize their things: breakables, softies, edibles, etc. It all depends on how you want your things organized, and most importantly, unpacked. Choose a category that would make it easier for you to unpack it afterwards.

Step 4:  Prepare packing materials

  • Now, by being able to check and categorize every item you’ll move, you can now prepare the appropriate amount and kind of packing materials: boxes of different sizes, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, packing tapes, labeling materials, etc.
  • Most people who are planning to move prepare a lot of packing materials but since they didn’t know exactly what they needed when they grabbed those materials, they spend more trouble getting the job done.

Step 5:  Pack Accordingly

  • Now you can start the packing. Just be sure to pack them with care especially with the breakables, perishables, etc.

Final Important Tip

  • Start your moving and packing preparations ahead of time. The process is supposed to be time consuming so packing and moving with a very limited time would definitely get you more tired, stressed, and confused than necessary.


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Why is Reliable Mover Brisbane Your Best Moving Company?

Affordable Cost.

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Experienced Company.

  • Reliable Mover Brisbane is an experienced company that has helped a lot of families and as we go on helping people ever the years, we use the knowledge and experience we gain to improve our customer services. For new movers who are looking for a better moving partner, Reliable Mover Brisbane is the company for you. We know that what you need is a company that would understand your moving needs; from safety, speed and cost. We are a company that is comprised of proficient movers that has undergone professional training to improve their service with their customers.

Licensed and Insured.

  • Reliable Mover Brisbane is also a licensed and insured company. No matter how careful we do our services, accidents are inevitable. There may be unexpected situations when we might have an accident and lose or damage you equipment and packages, but that is nothing to worry about as Elite Removalists Brisbane is an insured moving company. We take full responsibility for any loss or damaged property. We either pay them or exchange them with the equivalent cost. We do our best to carry out our duties and to provide the greatest service possible.


Not yet satisfied why we are considered a top reliable mover Brisbane?  Reliable Mover Brisbane deals with home and commercial removals; from packing, moving and unpacking. We also help with relocation planning for the ones who are new to the moving process and have a hard time creating an effective plan. Here at Elite Removalists Brisbane, we put our clients first before anything else. We are an experienced company that has been in the moving industry for several years and our staff of packers and movers is very knowledgeable and committed with their tasks.

Here are further characteristics of a Reliable Mover Brisbane :


  • This is, of course the number one requirement of being a reliable mover. When stress is taking over, movers only want someone they can rely on to help them, reduce and remove their stress and will do the most difficult and complicated tasks of moving for them. That is where we come in. When it comes to being reliable, we are number one! We are not called the Reliable Mover Brisbane for nothing.


  • Honesty is another important characteristic of a reliable moving company. A moving company that cannot be trusted is unprofessional. Other companies only want to take advantage of their customers and get huge amounts of payment while providing very poor quality moving. With Reliable Mover Brisbane, you don’t need to worry about honesty. We have been proven by many customers and the effect is that we have more customers wanting to have us as moving partner.


  • Unlike other companies, we don’t ask for a huge amount of payment while providing poor quality moving. We always ask for a reasonable price and it is guaranteed that our services are top quality. We also use only the best quality materials for packing and we do not waste time in preparing for the moving process and even during the moving process.


  • Affordability is a common term with regards to moving, but what really makes a moving company affordable is the balance between the moving quality and the rate. In Reliable Mover Brisbane, our rates are reasonable and our moving process is top quality, and that is what affordable really means.

Reliable Mover Brisbane is your perfect moving partner, whether you are inexperienced or experienced mover.

Reliable Movers is a company of dedication and commitment. There is no greater moving partner than us, as we guarantee the safety, speed and low-cost for your moving. We are the Reliable Mover Brisbane , but other than that, we are also you most affordable movers. Contact us at 0433265933!

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