Office Removals Brisbane is indeed a lot more difficult than home relocation, that is why if you are planning a move, you should be prepared as early as possible with Office Removalists Brisbane . But since you are too busy handling your business as well as your relocation, the moving process might get a little chaotic without proper guidance. You can also hire Professional Office Removalists Brisbane , but even if you hire one, there are still things that you need to do to make the office relocation a lot easier and smooth.

Office Removalists Brisbane Complete Moving Checklist:

4 Months before the Relocation

  • Obtain a real estate agent
  • Visit Potential Properties where you’ll transfer
  • Create a Timeline for your move. This doesn’t need to be detailed.
  • Inform your employees about the move.
    Create a schedule and set the date for the move.

2 Months before the Relocation

  • Hire a Professional Office Removalists Brisbane
  • Order New Signs for your business.Contact and inform your clients about the move.
  • Set up your utilities on your new office.
  • Order new furniture that you are going to use.
  • Begin with the organization of your documents.

1 Month before the Relocation

  • Contact the insurance provider for the new office’s insurance.
  • Check the locks and keys of the new office. If there are issues, have them replaced.
  • Update the Bank information about your transfer.
  • Check your inventory; your office supplies, furniture, electronics, etc.
  • Start gathering the packing materials and moving supplies.
  • Start Packing some of your things.

1 Week before the Relocation

  • Back up your files, tell your employees to back up their documents as well.
  • Pack the rest of your office supplies.
  • Inspect your new office if it is ready to be used.
  • Label your packages.
  • Notify the employees about the relocation.
  • Confirm the schedule with the Office Removalists Brisbane
  • Assign your staff to some of the moving duties.
  • Plan you route.
  • Prepare extra plans in case of unexpected situations.

On the day of your Office Removals Brisbane

  • Communicate with the movers and your staff, teamwork is the key to a successful move.
  • Prepare snacks for the move, both for your team and the movers.
  • Monitor the move and regularly check your items especially if it is a long distance relocation.

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