Appliances are almost like furniture when moving. The size, the weight and the difficulty of the item being moved, you sure will need Professional Movers Brisbane to help you move these items safely especially if you are new to moving. If you think you can handle the move on your own, then what you might need is just a few tips and tricks to make the move easier and faster.

Here’s Movers Brisbane ‘s Safety Appliance Moving Tips

Take Measurements

  • Taking Measurements will make it easy for you to plan a route where you’ll be easily able to bring the appliances out of the house. All though appliance does not have complicated shapes as some pieces of furniture, there are still appliances that are huge and heavy such as refrigerator and washing machine. If you don’t want these items getting damaged or scratched, then it would be wise to take measurements before you try to move them through the doorway. If your measurement says that the item doesn’t fit, then don’t risk it and find another way.

Rent an Appliance Dolly

  • There may also be certain areas where carrying the appliance would be hard and what you need in these areas are appliance dollies. You may find different kinds of appliance dollies depending on the size of your furniture. Make sure to find the right one that you need. If you think that renting dollies would only cost you, then you should know that repairs for your damaged appliances would be much more expensive.

Clean and Dry the Appliances

  • Make sure the appliances are clean and dry before you move them. If they are dirty, the dirt may go inside the electronic parts and may cause problems with the appliances. This goes the same with water. Even if there’s only a few droplets of water, it can still cause a trouble. Before you try to move them, wipe them with clean cloth and make sure that the appliances are clean and dry.

Secure movable Parts of the Appliances

  • Surely there are parts of the appliances that can be opened or removed. You have to secure these parts as they may cause problems when you are carrying the item and one part suddenly falls of or opened. You can use stretch wraps, tapes or ropes to secure the parts.

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