Morningside Removals brings you a helpful guide to having an easy and stress free moving. Choosing Morningside as your new home destination can be so exciting for you and your family. In fact, Morningside was named to the suburb because in the older times, the first rays of the rising sun greeted Morningside.

Morningside is only 5kms away from Brisbane Center.  It is also blessed with wonderful sites and parks. It has 6 hectares Riverside Park offering amazing adventures for children. It has sports facilities, a boat ramp and so many others.

Certainly, Morningside is one of the best places in Brisbane to start a family and establish life and career. But before you move, here’s a list of the common moving mistakes.

Morningside Removals ‘ Commonly Seen Moving Mistakes:

  1.  Some important things can be left in the cupboards and crevices most especially if you have a big house. Inventory list per room will be good enough to make things organized.
  2. Forgetting to set up new services such as electricity, telephone line, and broadband connection. It is best to plan these things ahead before the removals day.
  3. Not labeling your boxes is a disaster. You don’t want to waste your time rummaging all your boxes to find your items once you are moved. Label your boxes following an organized system such as color coding or ABC system.
  4. Forgetting to fit your carpet before you moved in can be hard work. Carpets should be fitted in your new home at least few days before your moving day.
  5. Usually, important stuff during your first few days in your new home is missed. The blankets, plates and toiletries may be packed at the bottom of some big box. Separate a box that is intentionally ready to be opened in your first day. You may label it as “first week survival kit” or any label that will remind you of the major things you will need in your first few weeks in your new home.
  6. Don’t miss occasionally visited areas such as the loft and the shed. Allot a time to clear those areas. You don’t want to be coming back again to your old house just to fix the shed after the big moving day.
  7. Packing can be tricky; you may end up packing the easy items and totally forgetting to pack bigger items such as your washing machine, refrigerator, etc. The best thing for you to do is to plan with Morningside Removals earlier. You may ask the removals company to pack these items for you. Yes, why bother when a reliable company can pack it for you.

Morningside Removals has been successfully operating in Brisbane for over ten years. The company is founded on the principles of honesty, efficient and quality service. The ten years of its successful operation qualifies them your trust and confidence. Certainly, Morningside Removals have trained team members who will make sure that you move at ease and your belongings are handled with care.