Moving a house is difficult. Moving a bigger house is a lot harder. Imagine the tasks that you need to do and the processes that you have to go through just to be able to transfer to your new home. If you want the process to go easier then you should hire House Removalists Brisbane .

Elite Removalists Brisbane is a leading removals company. We can help you move into your new home no matter how big or small the job is. We guarantee a safe move and we make sure that you will arrive in your new home with your valuables intact and without damage. Whether you decide to hire House Removalists Brisbane or not, it is important that you create a plan for your move.

House Removalists Brisbane ‘s Tips for Moving

Pack an Overnight Bag Containing the Essentials

  • If you have a lot of things, you might have to use a lot of boxes for packing and you will have a lot of packages. When you arrive in your new home, you may be too tired to look for the things that you need and unpack the boxes. But if you were able to pack all the things that you and your family will need to spend the night in one box, then you will have no problem. Also, make sure that you label the box.

Use a Clear Plastic Container

  • For toiletries and gadgets that you will need for the first few night, you should use a clear plastic container so that you can easily spot the item that you need. It will also be handy since it has its own covers so it would be easi to open and close. Bring this container with you, separate from the boxes since you will need it.

Label your Boxes

  • Since you may have a lot of things, there would be a lot of packages as well. Put a label on your boxes to avoid confusion. This will also help the House Removalists Brisbane bring the packages to the right room and carry the boxes with extra care knowing what they contain.

Elite Removalists Brisbane will guide you from the start to the end of your move until you are happy and relaxed.

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Moving is stressing enough with all your things you have to deal and move with. Trying to achieve an affordable moving makes things harder. Moving with a pet, on the other hand, brings the moving hassle to a whole new level even with professional House Removalists Brisbane .

House Removalists Brisbane ‘s Pet Moving Guidelines:

Schedule an Appointment with your Vet in Advance

This step has three major purposes:

A Check-up

  • You should get your pet’s health state checked if it’s fit for the move. This way, you can be sure that your pet can handle the stress and if not, your vet can do something while it’s still early.

Health Notes

  • While you’re at the vet’s clinic, you should start asking what you should be reminded of regarding keeping your pet healthy. You can also ask about what to be expected from a pet’s behavior after a move and what can be done with it. You should also include in your notes your pet’s schedule for shots and check-up.
  • Gather every detail you can and be sure to understand them. Keep your notes together for more reliability.


  • Most doctors know other doctors from different places. You may ask your vet if he knows anyone around your new place who can continue his work on your pet. Don’t forget to add to your notes the referred vet’s information: name, clinic name, address and contact number.

Just in case you forgot to check this before choosing your new home:

Make Sure your New Home can Accommodate Pets

This “pet accommodation” covers two things:

  • Your new chosen home with reliable mover Brisbane should allow pets. If moving in an apartment or a condo, this should be clarified because some residential places where everyone shares some common areas don’t allow this for the sake of the other residents.
  • Your new home should be able to allow pets. Not only should pets be legal when you move but the place itself should have enough amenities for your pet: a backyard or porch, a nearby park, or whatever your pet might need to be happy.

Prepare for a Pet-fit Travel

  • If you’re planning on flying with your pet, make sure you check on the airline rules about carrying pets. Same with residential areas, some airlines don’t allow pets. You should ask first before bringing them with you. If they are allowed, there are other factors to be checked. There are some pets that can be carried inside with you but some pets are too large and end up with other baggage in the cargo area. Just mere caging them before you board the plane could already stress them when they’re not used, how much more would it cause their being stuck in the cargo area? 
  • If you’re travelling on land for affordable moving, make sure you bring enough toys, snacks and entertainment for the whole duration of the travel. If you’ll have to stop and spend the night somewhere, you should book for a hotel in advance and make sure they allow pets unless you’re willing to make them sleep inside your car.

For more tips whether its House, Office or Interstate Relocation, House Removalists Brisbane is here to guide you all the way! Contact us at 0433265933!