Elite Greenslopes Removals is here to serve you for a successful home or office relocation. The company knows the basic rules of packing and that unsuccessful packing means disastrous moving. This is why we are here to serve you for all your moving and packing needs. We can also help clean up if you need us.

Moving to Greenslopes is indeed a green and healthy move. Frederick Wecker who was one of the first settlers in the area pioneered vineyards and dairy farms. The vineyards gave wonderful colors and sights of green slopes.  This is the reason why the place was later named as Greenslopes. Wecker was a respected person during his time as he was instrumental in the development of the suburb. His wide farm covered Cornwall Street, Old Cleaveland Road and at the top of Wecked Street which is now known as Kirkland Avenue.

Greenslopes has historic reminisces with its character of prewar houses. These dwellings are valued due to its abundant traditional architecture. Also, the Stephens Mountain is a tourist destination having one of the largest hills located in Brisbane.

Stones Corner is also a famous landmark of Greenslopes. It is known for its rich ethnic communities and cultural retail food outlets. Eating out in the sidewalk restaurants and cafés offers you a dynamic taste and flavor from around the world.  The Italian, Turkish, Indian and so many other recipes are must eat foods in the area.

There is also a rich and active multi-cultural existence in the area because of its openness to migrants. The mixture of culture, people and races in the suburb from people around the world is fantastic.

Moving to Greenslopes is really exciting and going back to your packing needs, here are some tips for you to remember. Packing is one of the most important activities that you must tackle when moving. Although, Reliable Greenslopes Removals is forever ready to assist you in all your moving needs.

Greenslopes Removals ‘ Packing Tips:

  • Moving boxes should never be over packed. The tip is that the smaller the box, the heavier it should be.
  • Begin packing the items you no longer use. Six months earlier before you move is the best time to do this to clear your house and your mind as well.
  • Packing should be done on a room by room basis. Never mix things up because this will be confusing when you start unpacking in your new home.
  • Seal you boxes with a packing tape.
  • Pack fragile items with anything that has a padded surface. This will minimize breakage.
  • Packing paper is best for your china ware. Elite Greenslopes Removals advices not using newspapers as it might permanently stain your beautiful wares.

Elite Greenslopes Removals has been operating as a successful home, office/removal company for the past ten years. It has been serving Brisbane and its nearby interstates with quality and honest service. It has reliable and trained staff members whom you can rely. The company’s equipment and vehicles are dependable. Also, the company’s track record is worthy of everyone’s trust and reliance.

Elite Greenslopes Removals provides an easy, fun and stress free move. We are available every day to help you with your move.Contact us at 0433265933!