Compared to other things that we move, furniture are one of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks during a relocation. Without help from Professional Furniture Removals Brisbane , we would think that moving a furniture is totally tough and nearly impossible to be done with a little time. But that’s where we are all-wrong. Moving a furniture can be easy if we just know how to organize the tasks and do it step-by-step.

Elite Removalists Brisbane is a leading Furniture Removals Brisbane. We have a lot of experience with moving and right now, we are going to give you a few tips for an easy furniture removals.

Furniture Removals Brisbane ‘s Tips to Easily Move a Furniture:

Disassemble your Furniture

  • Some furniture are too big to carry that you need to disassemble them to their tiniest piece possible. When doing this, make sure to keep the screws and other small materials in a safe container that you will remember. Also, when you carry the pieces of furniture, you would need sturdy and big boxes to give you adequate space to store your furniture parts.

Wrap the Furniture, Wrap the Pieces

  • Either you decide to carry the furniture with or without disassembling it, you still have to wrap it to make it safe. You should use cushioning materials like bubble wraps. If you are on a tight budget, newspapers or blankets, pillows and other fabrics would do the trick.

Don’t Forget to Label!

  • When you decide to disassemble your furniture and pack the parts, don’t forget to label their boxes to which furniture they belong to. You should also label the parts to easily build the furniture when you arrive in your new home.

Ask Help!

  • For the other furniture that you cannot disassemble or too big for you to handle, you should ask help from Professional Furniture Removals Brisbane . Having extra hand will make everything easier and faster, allowing you to ease the difficulty of your move.

You may think that you can handle furniture removals on your own, but without experience and sufficient knowledge on how to move it, you’ll just risk injuring yourself and damaging your furniture. Contact Professional Furniture Removals Brisbane now for affordable and quality furniture move!

We guarantee a safe and smooth relocation!

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If you think that unpacking all your stuff is the last part of moving into a new home, then you are wrong. There are still a lot of things that you should do and check before you fully enjoy your new place. Elite Furniture Removals Brisbane is going to give you a guide to organizing the tasks that you need to do after the move. After these, you can fully relax and enjoy your new home!

You may already be stressed, but you don’t have to make these tasks as stressful as the moving process. This can just be a part of enjoying the new environment. You can use this time to unwind from stress and enjoy your new neighborhood! Although there may still be a few tasks that will require your time and effort, but it is necessary to avoid future complications. Although you cannot hire Elite Furniture Removals to help you with these tasks, we are still going to help you by giving you a guide.

Here’s Furniture Removals Brisbane To Do’s after a Move

Familiarise yourself with your home and the areas surrounding

  • This can be a fun part of the move. You can just roam around your home and familiarize the areas, check your walls and corners and see if there are anything that needs repair or fixing. After checking you home, you should take a walk around the neighborhood, you should also start introducing yourself to your neighbors and meet new people.

Change your Locks

  • No matter how I good condition the locks are, you should still have them replaced because you won’t know who still have the old keys to the locks. You can visit the nearest locksmith and shop for the best type of lock that interests you. This can also be fun as you will be able to shop for different designed locks to suit your home.

Check your Things!

  • Check your things for breakages and damages so you can immediately inform the moving company. If it’s too late, they may not be able to pay for the cost of repairs or replacement. It would also be great if you have proof that the items were damaged during the move, like photos.

Update your Documents

  • Update all the necessary documents, from your billing address to your car insurance and license. You should also pay a visit to the nearest medical center so that you can process medical documents.

Don’t stress yourself too much with your move. There are still tasks after the move so hire Furniture Removals Brisbane to make the move easier. Call us now at 0433265933!

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