Furniture Removalists Brisbane is a leading company in removals service who assures you of an excellent and stress-free move; it will surely be one of your most moving experiences! We offer a wide range of moving service like secure storage, furniture removals-packing and unpacking, and free moving advice. So if you are looking for a local or interstate moving company, you have come to the right page.

By now, we all know how bothersome moving across town is, but how about if it’s travelling interstate? No doubt things are pressured-packed, Elite Furniture Removalists Brisbane provides with some interstate moving tips.

Furniture Removalists Brisbane ‘s Interstate Relocation Tips:

Choose A Trustworthy Moving Company

  • For a more convenient removals service, choose a company that has you covered with high quality service. For a quick checklist, here are the key things you must look for in a company.
    • The company must know your new area and the service location.
    • They must also explain the clear cost of their services you are availing for, make sure you understand ALL the cost as well.
    • You must also know the process of the interstate move, also be aware of the security of your belongings.
    • Lastly, the company must also have comprehensive in-transit insurance.

Pack Up Safely

  • Separate your things according to their vulnerability, it is also advisable to label them so it would be more organized and you know what to prioritize.
  • You can choose you pack it by yourself or better yet, avail of the removalists full packing service to ensure you of extra packing security, since we have all the packing equipment to keep your belongings safely packed.

Learn Quarantine Restrictions and The Laws

  • Be knowledgeable about the variations of the quarantine restrictions of every state you are going to pass through and your destination.
  • By knowing this, you will be prepared for arrangements you have to settle for your pets or plants.

Paper Organization

  • Like your belongings, it is also a great move to keep your documents organized and labelled. Bring with you your visas, passports, and birth certificates. Also bring your family’s medical records and your children’s school enrolment information.
  • If you have pets, bring with you your pet’s veterinary records as well. It is also advisable to keep notes on the things you have to do or settle in each stage of the move.

By choosing a full service interstate removalist like Elite Furniture Removalists Brisbane , we can provide you with advice if you are not sure with the condition of your removals since we are well-experienced and we are more than willing to help you with your move.


If you are going to hire Professional Furniture Removalists Brisbane to help you with your move, then you can be rest assured that your things will be safe. But sometimes, accidents are inevitable and no matter how expert and careful the movers are, there may still be a little flaw with the move. Sometimes, we may find a few scratches on our furniture, and due to the many tasks, we may not notice it immediately and it will be too late to complain.

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As a professional Furniture Removalists Brisbane, Elite Removalists wants you to know that we will not run away from our responsibilities. If we have damaged a furniture, we will do our best to have it repaired or paid. And for us to be able to have a better relationship, we want to remind our valued customers that you should also fulfill your responsibilities during Furniture Moving.

Furniture Removalists Brisbane ‘s Customer Duties as a Mover:

Check you Furniture before and After the Move

  • You should always check your furniture before the actual relocation process. If necessary, make a list of the number of your furniture, list the ones that have dents or scratches and if you want you can even take pictures of the furniture so that you can have a proof in case there are damages with your things.

Choose the Right Packing Materials and Paddings

  • If you want to be the one to pack your things and cover your furniture, then make sure that you choose the right packing materials and do the packing properly. One cause of damage of things when moving is the poor quality of packing. Quality packing is necessary because the security of the items will depend on the boxes and how they are packed. For the furniture, make sure to wrap them with paddings appropriately to avoid scratches and other damage.

Check your Furniture and Things Immediately After the Move

  • After the moving process, it is important to immediately check your things. Compare them to your list and pictures that you took before the move. If you see any damage, then it is important to notify the Furniture Removalists Brisbane immediately. You can also show them your photos as your evidence.

If you are planning to move, you can hire Furniture Removalists Brisbane but because you hire professionals, doesn’t mean that you can leave everything to them. You still have your own duties and responsibilities and if you really want a safe, smooth and flawless move, you have to work with the moving company.

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