Furniture movers Brisbane companies often offer the full service for you when moving. They can offer cleaning, packing and unpacking, removals, and moving for one price in order to give more convenience for their customers. However, if you decide that you only need moving services for your furniture or you simply wish to do the big move yourself, then be ready to stretch some muscles and get to work.

When preparing for a move, furniture often takes most of the time to prepare and protect. It took a lot of investment and care for these furniture, and the last thing you would like to happen is for them to take damage or scratch. Luckily, you are not as powerless as you think as long as you take down notes and follow these moving tips and tricks:

Take Inventory

The first thing you should do is to take note of everything you have. This will help you keep in track of everything you need to organize. Keeping track can also help you evaluate on the things you might already want to let go.

While taking inventory, also take note of the furniture that needs disassembling or extra protection. This can make it easier to inform your furniture movers Brisbane about specific instructions or for you to know which ones you need to prepare first.

Prepare the Tools and Equipment

In order to ensure the safety of your furniture for the move, you should prepare the following:

  • Sofa/mattress cover – this is to keep their upholstery protected from dust and stains.
  • Bubble wrap – being inside the truck won’t be a guaranteed smooth ride for the furniture. Make sure to wrap delicate parts with bubble wrap to cushion any fall and trauma.
  • Sealable plastic bags – it would be a lot easier when unpacking to have the screws and bolts of your furniture separated from each other. Put the set of screws and bolts for your furniture in separate plastic bags and label it.
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets – this can also help cushion your furniture, like the bubble wraps.

Remove the Contents inside the Furniture

One might think that keeping the contents inside the furniture is more efficient for the move. But doing so might risk your safety (also of the furniture movers Brisbane you hired) and the protection of the furniture.

It is highly recommended to remove the contents before moving your furniture. You can also put the contents of each drawer/space in different plastic bags in order to minimize confusion when unpacking.

These easy and simple tips can help you protect your furniture in the moving process. If you need the professional help of furniture movers Brisbane for expert handling and moving, call Elite Removalists Brisbane at 04 3326 5933