Daisy Hill Removals is taking you to the famous Koala Centre of Australia. The center offers a wide outdoor Koala home that serves as a park and an educational center at the same time. The center used to be a timber reserve in the 1800s and turned a State Forest Park a century later. It’s worth noting that after many years, the people were able to sustain the area as virgin and beautiful as it used to be.  The park is an open eucalypt forest and a home to Koalas and many other native animals. Today it is an official conservation park that is also a tourist destination famous to local and global tourists.

Upon your successful move with Daisy Hill Removals, discover and enjoy the Koala Center. Actually you can find and learn many things such as watching a movie about the plight of Koalas. There’s also a challenging Koala quest and quiz to test your knowledge about these nocturnal animals. Learn why koalas are vulnerable and think of ways on how you can help preserve koalas for the years to come.  The park will really make you an animal lover and koala advocate with its creative and fun teaching ways.

Occasionally, mountain bike rides are held at the park too. Bikers usually enjoy close encounters with the animals not only the koalas but with some rare animals found only in Australia.  Also, the sights are breathtaking and perfect for walking and biking.

Daisy Hill Removals ‘ Moving Tips:

a)      Make an account of all your things and check it vis-à-vis your new home. Make sure that you have enough space for your furniture and equipment.

b)      Calling Daisy Hill Removals early is highly advised so that you guys can plan everything together. Moving companies like Daisy Hills are experienced movers; hence they can help you foresee every detail you’ll need for your house move.

c)       Don’t forget the spirit of camaraderie; call some close friends and relatives to give you a hand during your moving day.

d)      Packing is the most tedious part so be prepared and get organized. Arm yourself with boxes and packing materials.

e)      Junk stuff you don’t use anymore. Make your move lighter by giving away or selling things you don’t use anymore.

Truly, carrying your home to a new place is exciting but the action needs careful planning. Nevertheless, Daisy Hill as a new home to start a new life with is an adventure. It meets you with its splendid sights, koalas and natural beauty.

Likewise, the services of Daisy Hill Removals will move you with ease. The over ten years of its dedicated service to everyone around Brisbane is commendable for your trust and confidence.