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Your home destination, Coorparoo has a rich cultural and aboriginal history to tell. The features and wonderful parks located within the area will forever surprise and amaze you. The name Coorparoo was taken from one of its original settlers named the Coorparoo Clan who lived south of the Brisbane River and camped along the creeks.

The suburb has various and unique features such as infrastructures and beautiful sites of interest. These include the Spanish Mission Revival homes which has a rich heritage. The Ridgeland and Cardington are cultural sites which were built in the 1800’s. The Coorparoo Shire Hall built in 1892 is now used as Coorparoo School of Arts. The story of Hatherton is quite sad since the original owners, Reubin and his wife drowned in the elite building during a disaster in the 1800’s. However, the building was renovated and it is now known as the Queen Alexandra Home. Recently, the building is used as a community center for various activities in the area.

Also, the Kirkland House Grand Colonial Queenslander tells the rich and long history of Coorparoo. It is one of the oldest renovated houses serving as one of the most precious sites in the suburb.

We can’t list all the wonderful places in Coorparoo but definitely there are so many other places and natural sites that you and your family can spend your time with.

Coorparoo Removals ‘ Simple Moving Advice:

  • Reliable Coorparoo Removals advice starting early. You may pass by your local liquor or wine store to get some boxes with divided inserts. You can use this for packing your kitchen liquids.
  • Calling for a friend or relative to take good care of your younger children is a great help when you move. You have to put all your energies on your big day so you can make sure everything are in place.
  • Don’t forget your suitcase with at least two weeks of clothing and important supplies such as your toothbrush towel, and everything you need for your daily hygiene routine.
  • Separate a box for your kitchen needs such as frying pans, plates, spoons, etc that you will need in the first few days in your new place.
  • Elite Coorparoo Removals advices that you don’t need to bring things that are no longer used. That’s an additional expense and burden to keep something that was not used for a year. Give them away or sell them.
  • Never pack important things in a trash bag. Use trash bags for trash only. You may accidentally throw some valuables using a trash bag.
  • Finally, home moving needs careful planning. You need to have goals with a time table. Monitoring your progress on a daily basis will help you achieve your goal to move stress free, easy and in a fun way.

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