Elite Mover Brisbane | Cheap Piano Movers Brisbane knows how important furniture are to many. That’s why they know special care should always be given to furniture moving. In this article, we’ll cover how to safely move one of the most sensitive furniture in moving: the piano.

Pianos are really special. This is because they’re really hard to move, the cost a fortune and quality needs to be kept so damage is NOT an option, plus, they are usually really loved by their owners. That makes it understandable why even if it’s highly recommended for pianos to be moved by professional Cheap Piano Movers Brisbane , some owners are just too afraid.

Cheap Piano Movers Brisbane ‘s Tips for Moving a Piano Safely:

Get the Right Equipment

  • It’s a must for you to rent or purchase heavy-duty straps, a furniture dolly, and some padding. Heavy-duty straps will give a stronger hold on the piano during the move and a furniture dolly can make it easier to the load and unload the piano on the truck. Make sure the dolly is widerthan your piano. Since there are many types of piano, you may also ask your moving truck rental or moving supply store for suggestions on the right tools you’ll need for moving your piano. As for the padding, that’s for the next tip.

Wrap the Piano

  • You’ll use the padding for wrapping the piano. You may also use blankets if you prefer. Before wrapping, lock or close the keyboard lit to prevent it from opening during the move. This is important because piano keys are fragile and easily damaged.Next, wrap the entire piano,particular the corners, and secure the wrapping with packing tape. Add more padding until you’re sure you’re piano is fully protected from scratches and bumps.Keep the packing tape from sticking on the piano itself if you want to keep a smooth surface.

Get Help

  • It’s an impossible task to carry a piano all alone and not get it damaged. Pianos are really heavy and in addition, they have an obscure shape that makes it harder to carry it.When basing it on a grand piano,you’ll need at least four people to carry it which is why Cheap Piano Movers Brisbane sends so many guys to do the job.

Handle it at the Right Places

  • Let’s get off with a simple reminder: don’t carry a piano through its legs. They’re the thinnest part of the piano and they may not be able to take the pressure from the weight of the piano and from the person carrying it and would most likely break. Hold on the undersides, and keep it in an upright position. The insides of the piano might get disturbed when carried sideways.

Secure It in the Truck

  • To fully secure your piano in the truck, place it at the end part of the container behind the driver or passenger side and lean it on the corners. Next, since many truck spaces are not level, prepare some wood planks to level the flooring of the truck container. Then finally, use your heavy-duty straps to fully steady and secure the piano in place.

Moving it in Straight

  • Before unloading the piano, check where exactly should it be positioned inside the house. Clear the way and carry it (again, with help) strait to its destination. You may also want to consider where to place the piano. It shouldn’t be too near the window, door, or the fireplace to protect it from the cold, heat, and dampness.

Tune it up

  • Last but not the least step that you should do even when you get a Cheap Piano Movers Brisbane for the move is to call a professional to check if your piano is still in tune. You should also get checked if the inner workings of your piano were not damaged along the way.


If you think these tasks might be too hard for you, then your probably need to hire Cheap Piano Movers Brisbane. Elite Removalists Brisbane is one of the Best Cheap Piano Movers Brisbane that offers leading piano moving services.

Moving to a new location is absolutely exciting. New place implies new career opportunities, new companions, and a new home, of course. However, during the relocation process, we get overly excited that we easily get stressed and even forget the most important things. And this mistake can cause us more expenses, time wasted and effort exerted. With too much excitement or stress, we get a little careless and unfocused which may be the reason for us to choose a moving partner that doesn’t quite suit our needs or maybe a company that we do not know if we can trust. In this case, the company we think we can trust may just take advantage of the situation and we may even lose some valued stuff if we start to be careless and unfocused. It’s a good thing that the best movers, Elite Removalists Brisbane is here; a company that you can trust when it comes to quality moving and dependable services.

As the customers, you have responsibilities that we should never forget. No matter how stressful or exciting our trip would be, we still have to think twice about the decisions that we have to make. Especially when choosing a moving partner, we should not just pick any company that we fancy. We should choose one that could give us what we need and meet our demands.

Few Notes When Choosing the best Cheap Piano Movers Brisbane :

Background check.

  • Checking the background of the company is important. You should know if the company you would be working with have a bad reputation or any other bad cases in their past.

The last minute changes

  • There are those movers who change all plans at the last minute and instead of proceeding with the moving process, they instead cancel it which leaves you hanging. With the help of checking their background, you can possibly know the companies who do this.

Hidden Charges.

  • Other companies surprise their customers by putting hidden charges in the cost. Customers who do not know about this get startled and may not be able to do anything as the moving process may be over. So before you hire a moving company, you should ask if they have extra or hidden fees.


  • Professional moving companies like Cheap Piano Movers Brisbane wait for the moving process to be finished before they ask for the payment. And unprofessional moving companies ask for the payment first before moving.

Elite Removalists Brisbane  is here to help you in any way we can, providing you with removal solutions at the best possible way.

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