Annerly Removals is giving you a complete, easy and practical packing guide for your home removal. Your beautiful home destination in Annerley is highly commendable. The suburb is named after a town in England and it is 6 km away from the central business district of Brisbane.

Annerly is elevated and it is lying on a range giving a phenomenal view of the city. The suburb used to be near Brisbane main roads but because of the recent developments such as the social housing, urban developments and residential shifts had somehow changed Annerly.

Physical planning in Australia is astonishing because in spite of the big infrastructure developments being implemented in all its suburb areas, it has restored its unique Queenslanders identity. Really, Queenslander architecture will always be known for its unique and distinctive qualities. The good news is you can see all these beautiful architecture rich with cultural heritage in Annerly.

Annerly Removals ‘ Packing Tips:

  • Discuss all your needs and inquiry to Elite Annerly Removals. This will help the removal company to think ahead of your special moving needs.
  • When you decide to make use of your own boxes, make sure that these packing materials are durable. Collect different sizes of boxes too for all your items. It is best to pack heavier items in smaller boxes for a more comfortable lifting.
  • Your boxes will be lifted so you have to see to it that it’s not very heavy. It’s good to put heavy items at the bottom and then fill it with lighter things such as clothes.
  • The most important thing you should not forget when packing is the label. Label all four sides of your box for easy identification during the removal day.
  • Elite Annerly Removals can provide you enough supply of bubble wraps but you may use soft items such as linen or towel to protect your breakable items.
  • Pass by your nearest liquor store and get boxes with edges. This is best for packing liquid kitchen items. Also, don’t forget to notify your removal company about these volatile liquids as they need special attention to avoid spillage.
  • Never use trash bags for packing. Often times, some valuables are mistakenly thrown away as trash.  So trash bags should be used for trash only.
  • Don’t use newspaper to pack your silverware because it will surely stain it. Use acid free tissue paper or clothing instead.
  • Set aside a box for your kitchen needs accessible enough when you reach your destination. Plates, spoons, cups, coffee, frying pans are your basic items on your first few days in your new home.
  • Elite Annerly Removals advices planning ahead for your first night. Make sure that blankets and beddings are prepared for your first night. You just had a big back breaking day so you deserve a good rest.

Yes, moving can be stressful and tiring but why bother to carry the entire burden when Elite Annerly Removals is here to serve and guide you to a victorious home removal.

Elite Annerly Removals provides an easy, fun and stress free move. We are available every day to help you with your move.Contact us at 0433265933!