When you move, with all your might you want to make sure that you’ll have a stress-free and successful move; you want your items arrive at your new property undamaged. To be able to do that, you have to make sure you have all the necessary Packing Supplies Brisbane are on hand for a quick and straightforward move.

When moving, Packing Supplies Brisbane are the most important things you should have to be able to secure your valuables. To make sure you haven’t forgotten anything for moving day, here a list of some Packing Supplies Brisbane to prepare before packing.

Essential Packing Supplies Brisbane

Packing boxes

  • All packing supplies are important but packing boxes are the most important packing supply because, where would you put your things if there were no boxes? Moving boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes so make sure you choose the correct box for your items, i.e. book boxes, picture & mirror boxes, wine cartons, robe cartons, archive boxes, bike boxes etc. To save money, you can contact your local grocery store or wine store as they may have boxes that they can put aside for you.

Packing tapes

  • Packing tapes secure your boxes; these are useful for sealing moving boxes quickly and easily. Make sure you tape the base of the box properly, use two layers of packing tape to prevent the box from breaking.

Bubble wraps

  • Bubble wraps keep your breakables safe and secured. They are perfect for wrapping fragile items and for filling space in the boxes to prevent fragile items from breaking inside the boxes. You can also secure your furniture with bubble wraps to avoid dents and scratches.


  • You might be thinking, “What are markers for?” well markers should be used to label your boxes. Yes, that’s right. Labeling boxes are important in packing. It prevents you from looking at all of the boxes just to look for one specific item. So get your markers ready and start labeling.

When you are preparing for packing, make sure to get the most reliable Packing Supplies Brisbane Elite Removalist Sydney for better security. Contact us now!